Trans World Corporation

Trans World Corporation operates a range of casinos and four star boutique hotels across Europe. In 2018, it was acquired by FEC, which now manages and occupies its five hotels across Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, with a view to further expansion, elevating TWC to the status of a premier owner/operator in the European gaming and hospitality markets.

Trans World Casinos

Trans World Corporation operates a collection of casinos, strategically positioned in European border towns to deliver a memorable and professional gaming experience to a range of customers.

Located on the Czech-German border, Ceska Kubice includes a full service bar, onsite restaurant and five VIP hotel rooms alongside its live game and slot areas. Casino Route 55 is positioned on the Czech-Austrian border, roughly 30 minutes’ drive from the city of Linz and Trans World’s Hotel Donauwelle. Meanwhile Casino Route 59, also located on the Czech-Austrian border, benefits from its proximity to Hotel Savannah, which opened up adjacent to the casino to further strengthen Trans World’s offering. Route 59 Casino and Hotel Savannah are only 60 minutes’ drive from the centre of Vienna and the Vienna International Airport.

Created with a fashionable aesthetic and memorable experience in mind, Trans World’s casinos are friendly, welcoming, and professional. The Corporation prides itself on its efficiency of service and management, and operates all its sites in adherence to all legal requirements and ethical considerations.

Trans World Hotels

Trans World Corporation has three hotels in Germany. Hotel Kranichhöhe is located in the western German countryside, while Hotel Aufeld sits within the Hannoversch Münden Nature Park, both offering wellness and fitness amenities alongside corporate hosting facilities.

Hotel Columbus, meanwhile, is a four star business hotel in Frankfurt, with an onsite restaurant and five state-of-the-art conference rooms. Strategically located close to Frankfurt International airport and the city centre, Hotel Columbus is ideally positioned for those working in the financial and business industries.

Trans World also runs Hotel Donauwelle in Austria and Hotel Savannah in the Czech Republic. Hotel Donauwelle is located on the banks of the Danube river in Linz, and benefits from its close proximity to the Route 55 Casino, which can be reached by car in approximately half an hour. Hotel Savannah is located adjacent to the Route 59 Casino, and includes a gourmet restaurant, Ayurvedic spa, and luxury wellness centre.