Far East Consortium Partners with East End Community Foundation to Bridge Digital Divide in Local Communities


Far East Consortium (FEC), a leading property developer committed to community engagement, is proud to announce its partnership with the East End Community Foundation (EECF) in the Connecting Communities programme. This innovative initiative aims to tackle digital inequality by providing laptops, broadband access, and digital training to families across the East End. EECF alongside FEC, held a special event at Stewart Headlam School on Tuesday the 11th of July to donate 27 laptops.

The digital divide has become an escalating concern in the East End, with thousands of households lacking access to the internet. This exclusion disproportionately affects children’s education, young job seekers, and older individuals facing isolation and difficulties accessing vital services.

Recognising the urgency to bridge this divide, FEC has collaborated with EECF as part of its Connecting Communities programme. Through the programme, EECF and its partners work closely with schools in Tower Hamlets to identify and support key families. Today at Stewart Headlam School, 27 laptops have been provided, along with 12 months of free broadband, empowering families to access online resources, job opportunities, and essential services.

Tracey Walsh, CEO, EECF, “We want to say a huge thank you to FEC. Your loyal and generous support for our Life Chances Campaign means we are helping close the digital divide in London’s East End. It is having a huge impact on the life chances of children, their parents and the wider community.”

Bruno Almeida Santos, Development Director at FEC (pictured), emphasised the company’s commitment to community well-being, stating,

“We are delighted to be one of the donors for this important project. The Connecting Communities programme is a fantastic initiative that equips children with laptops and internet access, enabling them to thrive academically. FEC is dedicated to ensuring that the communities we develop in have the resources they need to succeed. We want every child to have the opportunity to realise their full potential. Enjoy your laptops – they are yours forever!”

Nilufar Chowdhury, Head of School, Stewart Headlam Primary School says, “A big thank you to East End Community Foundation and FEC for providing this amazing opportunity for our families.  The project facilitates online learning, connecting parents and children and inspiring a new generation of learners. Moreover, the training for parents promotes independent and safe device usage at home, fostering continued independent learning. We are truly grateful for the work that has been undertaken by East End Community Project and FEC to ensure we are successful.”

Taslema Begum, mother of Saffiyah and Yousef Islam, (pictured) also commented, “Connecting Communities could have not come at a better time for my family and me. As a busy mum of four and a university student in my final year of studies, this opportunity means the ease of many worries and will not only be helpful for my own needs but my family’s too.

This means that my son, who is transitioning into secondary school, will have a laptop to help further his bright future. This also means my other children will be able to keep up with the online homework and research. I am very thankful to Connecting Communities and Stewart Headlam for choosing us for this opportunity, to help further our progression and encourage our learning needs.”