Care Park

Care Park is a subsidiary of FEC that operates and manages an extensive portfolio of car parking sites and businesses. With many of its operations located in Australia and New Zealand, Care Park recently expanded into Malaysia, Hungary, and the UK.

International success

Care Park is one of the largest car parking operators in Australia and New Zealand, with its portfolio in these regions including car parks and individual car parking bays. It operates an ownership and third party car park management model, which consistently provides a strong recurring income and steady cash flow. As of March 2019, its portfolio included 494 car parks, of which 35 are self-owned and 459 are managed, and 99143 car parking bays.

Care Park in the UK

In 2016, following the success of its overseas operations, FEC expanded its Care Parks business into the UK. It opened its first UK Care Park in Manchester, on a site strategically positioned close to Manchester Airport, providing approximately 2000 car parking spaces. To maintain its leadership position, FEC will continue to build the Care Park brand, expanding its management operations and making strategic acquisitions to further enhance its portfolio.

Car parks operating in over 4 countries
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