ESG Excellence Award Winner

Far East Consortium International is honoured to have received the Excellence Award for ESG from The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC) at the 21st HK Corporate Governance and ESG Awards.

The CHKLC judging panel acknowledged our dedication to sustainability, applauding our initiatives such as setting meaningful goals, evaluating greenhouse gas emissions, implementation of green building practices, transformative impact projects and the group’s initiative to eliminate single-use plastics.

The judges commented that:

“The group took a significant step towards its commitment to environmental responsibility by arranging its first sustainability-linked loan, demonstrating a fusion of financial decision-making and environmental responsibility. In setting environmental targets, the group engaged third-party consultants to comprehensively assess greenhouse gas emissions, providing key data for future carbon reduction strategies. It is actively implementing environmental measures, particularly in adopting clean, renewable energy to reduce its ecological footprint.

To safeguard employee rights, FEC established various communication channels to facilitate open dialogue and encourage valuable feedback from employees. In selecting suppliers, the company also considers ESG factors, not only raising its ethical standards and sense of social responsibility but also helping to establish a more environmentally friendly and sustainable supply chain.

In its real estate business in Asia and Europe, FEC actively participates in community and is dedicated to cultural and artistic preservation as well as youth education and development. Overall the group takes proactive measures to achieve sustainable development goals, enhancing its brand value and contributing to long-term growth while advancing its ESG agenda. The Judging Panel is pleased to see the continuous endeavours and improvements and is delighted to bestow an Excellence Award.”

At FEC, ESG is at the heart of our operations. We recognise its significance not as a fleeting trend but as a cornerstone for continued success. Our commitment resonates with our shareholders, team members, suppliers, investors, and the broader community. We are committed to enhancing our sustainability initiatives and advancing our ESG achievements even further whilst aspiring to be an industry leader.